Bill Gates announced today that the Microsoft Corporation will pursue acquisition of The Harriet Dorf Birthday Website. It is extraordinary the amount of effort and care that these kids have put into honoring their mother. The website features original poetry from friends and relatives, tear-jerking messages and reminiscences, birthday wishes and archival photographs of Harriet Dorf.

    Dorf, who turns 60 on Valentine's Day, has been a pioneer of a movement called modern Jewish motherhood and cooking. Known famously for her Challah, Cholent and Chicken Soup, she has tirelessly encouraged all of her children to follow in her footsteps through both recipe collecting and Jewish learning. She is also a charter member of the Jewish Mother's Clipping Service (JMCS).

    All of her children will be present in Hawaii at the official launch of this website, including her three biological children, Julie, Joshua and Michael, plus spouses Sarah Connors and Jenni Olson. Jerry Dorf, husband for almost 40 years, was said to be instrumental in securing all the necessary email addresses of contributors to this important endeavor.

If you were thinking about giving a little tzedakah in honor of Harriet's 60th birthday, you might want to consider some of her favorite institutions:

American Pardes Foundation
165 E. 56th Street
New York, NY 10022

Beth Israel
6880 N. Green Bay Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53209

Congregation Beth Jehudah
2700 N. 54th St.
Milwaukee, WI 5

Did you know that Harriet was Prom Queen both her Junior and Senior years of High School in Chicago? Yes, its true!

Guess what Harriet's Hebrew name is? Tzviah - the deer.

Did you know that the deer is the only undomesticated animal that is considered kosher?

What is Harriet's favorite pastime on Christmas Eve? Kung Pao Kosher Comedy Show in San Francisco with Julie and Jenni.

Harriet's favorite new television show is Ellen.

Harriet's least favorite animal? Cats!

Harriet's least favorite food? Cheese.

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