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Jerry Dorf

To Harriet on your 60th Birthday,

Wow! I can't believe that it was more than 40 years ago that I first met you. You were still a teen-ager.

I remember that first moment, where we were, and how I felt.

I have no idea what you saw in me (you have said you liked my sense of humor), but I saw you as a most friendly warm individual who wanted to make others feel comfortable. As I think about these last 40+ years, you are still that same person - friendly, warm and loving - very much alive and willing to go out of your way for others.

You have been unselfish in your relationship with friends and family. You have put your children's needs ahead of your own and you have always gone more than half way in your relationship with me.

They say that a good marriage is one in which each spouse helps the other to reach their full potential, and you have kept your end of the bargain.

You have helped me keep a sense of perspective in my life. You have helped me realize that whatever I have achieved in this life, I have not done alone. When there were times that I was a little self-absorbed, you brought me back to reality. I have no doubt that I am a better person because of you.

Before all of this goes to your head, let me point out some of your deficiencies:

1. You are NOT an honest person when it comes to counting calories;

2. You are terrible when it comes to judging how long it takes to do anything. Therefore, you are generally late for most everything;

3. You talk too long on the phone.

The truth is that these 'deficiencies' also identify who you are. Your calorie counting is reflective of your positive attitude. Time means very little to you; relationships, however, mean a great deal. You talk too long because you are interested in whatÉs going on in other people's lives.

These past 40+ years have flown by so fast. I don't think of either of us as close to being 'old,' but I do hope and pray that the two of us have an opportunity to grow old together.

Happy Birthday.

I love you,

Eva and Sol Dorf

We hope you enjoy many happy and healthy years with all your families and friends. The original, in Technicolor, will come later.

With much love,
Mom & Dad