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Bev & Lew Feiges
Harriet, our little Harriet, my how you grew,
From a shy girl at Victoria rooting for the crew!
Hailed from Chicago with a heart so true, 
And the first vegetarian we ever knew!

You were so intelligent with a mind of your own,
Barry wanted your heart but your heart did roam,
Over to the AEPi house to Lew's  roommate we see,
In that front corner window where Jerry would be.

Your hearts did entwine and you were a courting
Born to be loved with a birthday on February 14.
Oh, but to capture those magical years,
When love had control and we knew not from tears.

How lucky are we to have been along for the ride
For all of the years you and Jerry have taken in stride.
We've been thru the happiness and some sad times too,
It's been a great trip going thru life with you.

But fear not of approaching that ripe age of 60
We're still here beside you,even tho some are still 50!
But it won't be long now as we climb up by your side,
You're always the oldest and should now accept that with pride.

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY Harriet dear,
As you bask in Hawaii's sun so clear 
And watch the whales in the sea so blue,
So how come you didn't take us with you?

Have a wonderful day - We love you -  Bev & Lew

Goldsmith Family

Subject: Harriet 60th B-Day
Time: 5:04 PM
Date: 1/20/98

"Probably Happened to Jerry All The Time"

During school years at the University of Wisconsin, one particular time, Harriet and Jerry were at an event with Irv Krasno and Allen Goldsmith. Well, at this occasion, Harriet happened to be wearing slacks. And, as luck would have it, her fly happened to be open. Well, this, as you know, is a common occurrence to most guys, but a bit unusual for persons of the female persuasion. Irv, always keeping an eye out for such things, was first to notice that the perverbial barn door had been left ajar. Perhaps sensing the opportunity to be a bit obnoxious or maybe simply trying to spare Harriet any further embarrassement, Irv requested (in no uncertain terms) that she return her fly to its upright and locked position. She immediately did, and in her reflection of what had just occurred realized the irony of the situation and was immediately flushed with embarrassement.

Jack and Susan Marcus

Happy Birthday Harriet,
And many to follow,
I suppose you're at Pritikin,
Where you like to wallow.

You're a wonderful woman,
Every Russian would agree,
You open your heart,
To all those in need.

But one little thing,
Although your thoughts are always deep,
You have a tendency to be,
Just a little bit cheap.

Love, Jack and Susan