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Ateret Cohn

My friend Harriet is an explorer and a helper. Those she loves remain forever in her keep - caring - loving and DEMANDING. She is not seduced by her experiences with success and failure - she remains true. Ateret Cohn (who loves Harriet beyond dimensions)

Paula and Jerry Fine

Harriet Dorf "This is Your Life"

Roosevelt Rough Riders; a sleepover on Fiebrantz; long phone conversations; birthday celebrations on time; incredible kindness and help at a time of sorrow; California Coffee Cake; fumigating Mike and his clothes after camp; a birthday in Fredonia; endless diets; being students again and then entering the working world; birthday celebrations whenever.....; making crystal chandeliers sparkle; enduring loss; participating in a Shabbat dinner; eating delicious vegetables fresh from the "fields"; sharing travel tips; talking about books; and being grateful for birthdays and for the opportunity to celebrate them with our family and friends.

Happy 60th, Harriet. Love, Paula and Jerry.

Marv and Lynn Pearlman

Dear Harriet,
I am so pleased to be part of your birthday good wishes, although after 40 who wants to celebrate. Maybe we celebrate because we're still here. Am i upsetting you? Well let me tell you that on my "special" birthday i shut the door in my office and cried! Guess your still not laughing. But let me tell you that i know that you are the real brains behind my good friend jerry. I admire you so much for influencing him not to buy stock in delicious. And you certainly did influence him when you told him not to make a deal with his employer. Because of all that heavy responsibility, you need a party. I'll be there to help you celebrate. That is if you are happy with this birthday greetings and i still get an invitation. Happy birthday!

Marv & Lynn Pearlman

Chanah Florin

Shalom, Harriet!

As I sit here in Jerusalem, I am catching glimpses in my mind's eye ... of people gathered at cafe's on Ben Yehuda Street ... of walking around the trendy "Nachlat Shiva" ... photos taken together at Migdal David ... Mayor Olmert's "Open-Succah" ... blue uniforms of the Israeli "Mishtarah" .. but most of all, hearing the richness of laughter and recalling the feeling of such lightness ... the experiencing of time together, making those memories we hold in our heart of hearts, rich and wonderful! Thank you, my friend, you are a very special person ... a mazel tov on this great occasion ... wish I could be there in person!

May the Alm-ghty always bless you and keep you in the Shelter of His Wings... Shalom from Jerusalem of Gold ... Chanah Florin

Malka and Ephraim David Becker
A beautiful tribute. My thoughts about Mom are still sitting here in my outbox waiting for a tap on the shoulder saying its OK to send it out. I see, though, that all the love and caring due to Mom has been spoken if not hinted at. Thanks for organizing this lovely tribute to a most special lady.
Our very best,
Malka and Ephraim David Becker Moshe, Yitzhok, Rivka, Ayala, Ezra, Tova, Shifra, Shraga and Yosef!