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Dan Spitzer

A small note for a great woman

Some day I'd like to look in your official callendar. Either it's full of names of your children's past inamorati or I've made an elite "birthday card list". Either way I'm honored. It's almost 15 years since I dated your daughter and yet nearly every one of those years closed with a wry card from Harriet.

For such diligence and lasting friendship I am very thankful and as a token in return I give you. It may look small but that's only so I could fit it through the computer. In my mind it is a galaxy of good wishes and fortune soon to be born. You deserve them all.

May your next 50+ be as beloved as the first.

All the best,

Dan Bodner
Hello from Dan Bodner in Amsterdam:
I am sending you all the best wishes for a very happy birthday...

Jane Bernfeld

Ode to Harriet Or, You & Me: What Makes Us Click?

You're gray, I'm not.
You're reeeeelly Jewish, I'm not.
You're rich, I'm not.
You love having a houseful of company, I don't.
You have 2 kitchens, I don't.
You're on your 1st husband, I'm not.
You have a closet big enough to sleep 4, I don't.
You have sisters and brothers with really strange names, I don't.
You're 60, I'm not.

You're funny, so am I.
You're sarcastic, rude & caustic, so am I.
You're aging gracefully, so am I.
You're in good health, so am I.
You have many dear friends to be grateful for, I have fewer, but am equally grateful.

Happy birthday, Harriet!
Love, Jane B. (and John)

Rosalie and Raymond Harkovy

Tribute to Harriet Sacajawea Dorf in Celebration of Her 60th Birthday

Harriet Sacajawea Dorf is truly a woman of valor. It is she who has inherited the mantle of courage and determined endurance from her namesake, the Shoshoni Indian woman, Sacajawea, who helped the Lewis & Clark Expedition survive and succeed in their monumental mission of exploration.

Sacajawea Dorf has been the inspiration to her soul-mate, explorer Jim Bridger Dorf. It is she who encouraged Jim to follow the spiritual quest to become a mountain man and fur trapper. Sacajawea Dorf has accompanied Jim Bridger Dorf on his many dangerous exploratory expeditions to the Northern Rockies to discover safe routes to the Pacific Northwest and to locate the streams filled with beaver. It is she who has usually been in the front of the exploratory brigade treking through the wilderness, ever prepared to fight, if need be, the fierce Blackfoot Indians and the first to encounter an attacking ferocious grizzly bear.

It was Sacajawea Dorf's superwoman's endurance trudging thru the waist high snow clearing a trail for others while crossing mountain passes in Winter that gave the men in Jim Bridger Dorf's exploratory brigade the inspiration to survive the bitter cold and the starvation.

The most prominent feature of Sacajawea Dorf's character is the tender love for her husband Jim Bridger Dorf and the tender care she provided to the injured men of Jim's exploratory brigade. May this woman of valor, Harriet Sacajawea Dorf, live many, many seasons with her family enjoying good health, peace, and prosperity.

Rosalie and Raymond Harkovy