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Vera and Jimmy

Dear Harriet- I'm trying so hard to remember when Jimmy and I first met you. I think it was many years ago at a MBC basketball game. You put on this magnificent evening for your customers and Stan invited Jimmy and I to come in and share in the evening festivites. Do you remember the Lawry trip to Hawaii? I remember the four of us rented a car for the day to go see the erupting volcano and tour the island. The problem was it rained all day !! But we drove the whole island anyway and still had fun. There are so many trips and shows but no matter where we went Harriet you and I were always exchanging recipes! Jimmy and I were reminiscing about our trip to the south of France, walking the golf course in the Dominican Republic., comparing Pritikin tales, Richard Worth stories and when we think of you only wonderful warm stories come to mind. Harriet we wih you a very happy birthday and wish we could be with you in person to celebrate your special day. As you know we now have a Chicago residence so hopefully we will get our calendars out soon and make a date.

Much Love Vera and Jimmy


Dear Harriet:

First let me tell you how honored and touched I was to be included in this special birthday wish. This is my chance to tell you how dear you are to me --I may not see you often, but you always seem to show up when I'm at my lowest and you always pick me up. Imagine getting my own badge with my very own name on it! Does it get any better than that?

May I see your smiling face for many more years to come.

Love Always,



The world
Is so empty if
One thinks only of mountains,
Rivers and cities; but to know
Someone here and there who
Thinks and feels with us, and
Who,though distant is close
To us in spirit, this makes the
Earth for us an
Inhabited garden