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Rabbi Lee Buckman

Mazel tov Harriet on your 60th. Sorry I didn't have time to contribute my wishes to your website. I trust you had a happy birthday.

Rabbi Tsvi & Malke Shur

Birthday Poem for Harriet Dorf

On the 14th of February in 38
We believe B.C.E. is the correct date

A baby girl was born, not in a barn
You see, her parents were proud of their newly arrived charm.

They thought of a name, perhaps Mary would do
For after all, their new child was also a Jew

Sadie or Yenta they thought they may choose
But then with Harriet, they knew they couldn't lose

Now, many years did pass:
and this little girl grew up quite fast!

Her beauty and kindness were known far and near
They kept her hidden, for from Achashverus they did fear

Now this wonderful woman did marry eventually
To a cookie guy they call Jerry.

Both of them really do rate
But Harriet is truly the one that is great!

Since 38 - many, many, many years of happenings have passed by
And she still walks around with a twinkle in her eye.

From the moment the doctor her bottom did spank
All who call her a friend to the Almighty must thank.


Love, Tsvi & Malke

P.S. You keep your age well. May the next 60 be wonderful.

Rabbi Danny Landes

Your very good friends and classmates at Pardes wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday!

It has been our deep pleasure to have you as part of the Beit Midrash study hall. Your presence in the Beit Midrash in pulling the texts apart and putting them back together again is the way we think of you.

You are one of the great searchers for the truth. With your best Havruta study partner, Jerry, we hope you will celebrate many more milestones.

We look forward to your return, and are keeping a seat warm for you.

With best wishes,

Rabbi Danny Landes
Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies