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Rubin Singer

Dear Harriet,

A little over three score years ago, I was the youngest, most doted over member of our family; and then you came along and dethroned me!!! While I can say I forgive you, I doubt if I, deep down, will ever Đget over it╔.

Every year about this time I am reminded of the above jolt. When I see the bright red, heart shaped boxes of chocolates in all the stores, I┼m reminded of ĐDad┼s favorite valentine╔. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY, VALENTINE!!

All my love, Rubin.

Ruth Glickman

This is a big year for you. Sixty is a monumental goal. Since I passed it 5 years ago, I can tell you it's not too bad. As a little girl you were the baby of the family and I'm sure therer were times we were jealous of you.

Now as the years have passed and events have changed our lives, we can again be envious of you. You still have a mate and the health and wealth to do all of the things that you want to do. Mazel Tov. Best of luck in the next 60 years.


Golda Rosen

A Valentine Baby!

Red roses galore! And chocolates every year! Wow! No question, Harriet Jane has always been special! Right Jer? Right, Harri?

May you enjoy many, many more happy and healthy Valentine's Days.

Despite the small wedding ceremony, you've successfully worked at marriage almost 40 years. And I for one, think you earned our generation's Olympic Gold Medal.

And thanks again for my terrific San Franisco birthday vacation.

Since I can't think of anything more clever to say, let me reiterate my heartfelt good wishes for you and your loved ones to enjoy many more birthdays together. 60 really isn't too bad!