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Greg Dorf Family
     Welcome home!  Hope your vacation was wonderful.  Fortunately, you may 
     be greeted back to an early spring here in the Great North.  I am 
     taking advantage of this electronic communication medium to wish you, 
     on behalf of Dana, Sam, Julia and myself, a very happy birthday.  
     Congratulations on having accomplished so much in such a short time.
                        Love from us all,

Mitch Dorf Family

Aunt Harriet:

With lots of love we wish you a very happy and healthy 60th year! Thanks for being such a wonderful Aunt and Friend....we love you lots.

Mitch, Lynda and Sadie

Phyllis and Shelly Dorf

Family, friends, or the Russian community -

Need a Chala, a place to celebrate a holiday, a job, or just a listening ear?

Look no furhter - just call Harriet
and she'll be there for you.

Happy 60th - we love you.
Phyllis and Shelly

Barb Dorf

To my Aunt Harriet
on her 60th birthday,
memory lane it is
so let me just say...

You were like a second mother
just up the street
serving Spaghetti O's and Dr. Brown's
in sun, rain, or sleet.

I loved to visit
and sometimes spent all day.
Every time my mother called,
you fibbed and said, "She just left, she's on her way!"

Your challah I adore
but the Tzimus didn't win,
as I lied on your couch
with that awful, sour grin!

Lots of great times we've shared
including camping and mobile home trips.
I look forward to many more,
happy birthday and have a wonderful Hawaii trip!!

Love you,