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Nathan Rosen Family
     Our dearest Harriet:
        Happy 60th Birthday!  Best wishes from Tamar, Shoshana, Priva and
     Nathan on this wonderful birthday.  All the great wishes posted on the
     web site are a marvelous tribute to you from your family and friends.
        Thinking about you each of us have our own memories.  Shoshana
     talks about Passover at your house and how much fun you make it.
     Priva mentions your "Jewish Mother" approach and how comfortable you
     made her feel becoming a member of the family.
     Nathan remembers thirty years of you visiting Kansas City and him
     staying at the different houses in Milwaukee.   His first really
     strong memories were the two summers that he lived with you and worked
     at Jerry's business.  Nathan remembers your meals, his first exposures
     to Weight Watchers (livers, fish and allot of fruit) and how
     extraordinary you were as a mother, wife, cook and runner of the
     house.  He wishes everyone could have that experience and often
     thought that being your son would have been marvelous.  Nathan recalls
     losing weight, getting stronger, feeling loved, having fun, being
     blessed, learning how to tie a tie and to shave.  Over the years, he
     has watched you and his mother - learning better how a superb sibling
     relationship could and should be -- you have been a great role model.
     One characteristic that especially stands out is your drive to
     constantly grow and develop in their spiritual and religious
     knowledge.  Your continuous and ongoing striving to improve is an
     inspiration to all of us.  We all wish to be as young in heart and
     action as you are today.
     Best wishes on reaching the half-way mark.
                Tamar, Shoshana, Priva and Nathan

Miriam Wallick

I will sent the stuff as it comes to mind and as the kids tell me.

We love french fries, just not burnt french fries. They really shouldn't be burnt.

I remember when we spent time at your house. You would make us dinner or lunch and put in french fries, to add to our meal. You always seemed to forget about them and they got burnt. I wonder, Aunt Harriet, do you still burn the french fries? (Miriam)

The first time I met you, was not a good day for me it was my bris. I don't remember that day but I do remember you gave me some really neat presents. And you have grown on me. And you are a nice godmother. (Jacob Wallick)

You have a cool house, and cool room, I love being at your house. Had more fun because my mom wasn't there. The trip to the zoo was cool, your the greatest aunt a kid could ever hope for, too bad your just my great aunt, ha ha. (Benjamin Wallick)

So your my grandma's sister. Do you have any kids? Julie isn't a kid, I mean real kids. Julie is nice, but I mean someone my age, that I can play with. (Rachel Wallick)

That is all I have for now, I will try and get more before the 15th.

Aunt Bobo, Billy, Nunney, Sis, Babe and Evelyn


Do you remember when you and I went to St. Louis to visit Golda after she was newly married?

I can see you now, biting your toe nails when we were in bed - and then the pie that the three of us attempted to make - it was a Disaster! You were around 15, I would guess.

Congratulations on your 60th and may you have many, many more birthdays and Valentines Days and Good Health and continue to give all of us such enjoyment when we are around you.

Aunt Bobo, Billy, Nunney, Sis, Babe and Evelyn

Rosemary Wayne

For Harriet,

Our early years we played together...that was so very long ago. It's rather hard to remember it all - now that we're both almost six oh!!!

We lived real close, and I still can see, your house near mine on Brookwood.

You with your two long pigtails...I have fond memories so clear of our childhood.

Can you remember 'Play Day' on the playground at Frances Willard School? We dressed a Pilgrims as parents watched - and though we were so cool?

Up the 51st Street hill we'd walk each day - and had many friends we knew.

And now it's fun to just recall... thru the years our friendship has stayed so true.

We played with jacks and traded cards - and never knew what was ahead. You moved to Chicago, and who could guess, your cousin I would wed!!!

I send best greetings on your special day, for birthday wishes galore. And I wish you health and happiness...for this year and for many more.

Much love,
Rosemary Wayne
Mickey and Samayra Marks
Love and Mazel Tov!