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Kahn Family

Happy Birthday Mrs. dorf (Harriet to some of us)

We all want to wish you a very happy birthday and tell you how much we have appreciated the special relationship we have with you. Even though one of us is now out of the Country, we all love you very much. your visits when we were at our Bubbie & Zaide's house in Milwaukee were special. We knew when you came to visit you would always come with goodies & stuff; you always know the right thing to do.

You are very special to us (and also to our Bubbie & Zaide). We wish you lots of great birthdays - at least 120.

Love, Sam, Ellie, Genna, & Ma'ayan (and Bubbie & Zaide too).

Loeb Family

Why do we love Harriet?

H is for the Hundred malapropisms she invented!
A is that she's always warm and true.
R is for the rachmanut of her person,
R is for the real-ness of her friendship.
I is for her Interest in everyone and everything
E is for the EX-cellent deeds she does.
T is for the total Harriet we so love.

May we search and learn and grow and laugh
and love together for 120 years.

Love, Karen and Lenny


Why do we love Harriet?

Because her essence is warmth
Her friendship is composed of compassion and empathy
Her being is interest and investment in others
Her friendship is committed and total
Harriet is generous in giving of herself
To have her as a friend is to have a soulmate
She sparkles and effervesces

May our love and friendship for one another abide for 120 years.

Love, Lenny and Karen