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Judy and Howard Karsh

Another poem from friends (no caps)...

in sum summary summation
two things are clear paramount important
harriet dorf has
has never said a bad word about anyone
and may
in fact
by her very nature nature
be incapable of the act
and that is somethign to behold/and to hold high

in addition
she is this perfect combination
1/5th gracie allen
1/5th judy holiday
1/5th immogene coca
1/5th carol burnett
1/5th lucille ball
and it is a big but
they were acting
and harriet just is

harriet brings sunshine into everyone's life
harriet is goodness and caring

perhaps in a similar and disimilar way
she is at once
albert schweitzer mother theresa and pearl ackerman*
may she go on and on and on forever
*op cit
with our love
we remain
judy and howard karsh

Barbara and Don Grande

This is a tribute to an author of some repute
She's written three books, two clever, one cute
The first, a religious tome is called Mitzvah Mistake
Here she chronicles her errors made for Heaven's Sakes
The next one, serious, is called Inappropriate Laughter
By supressing your giggles you'll enjoy the hereafter
The last is a sports book with a Jewish surprise
She writes of Shea and Yankee Stadiums, named for two Jewish guys.

Besides being an author, she's thoughtful and caring
Do you have a problem? She wants to be sharing.
She always sends a card to help you celebrate
Yet she rips out calendar pages and crosses off each date
Curious and inquisitive, her Jewish knowledge is expanding
And she finds time to do all this while taking off and landing.

Barbara and Don Grande