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Susan and Dick Selby

Dear Harriet,
We have spent many joyous times together! We recall many warm memories of fun with you and the kids in earlier days.

Remember ziebelman's and the wonderful, modern, comfortable cabins? Sleeping on those blow-up beds was a dream or was it a nightmare? We seemed to eat all day from one meal to the next and then the laundry came from camp and you could have washed it in the ever present rain. We were silly, our kids were young, and we had fun!

You invited us to a sleep-over---a surprise for jerry at camp jcc in fredonia. Wonderful accommodations----tents, hard floors, and more rain. Lots of good food, lots of fun with you always.

We would probably all be in better shape today if we had stuck to your favorite meal of tuna and green beans.

Time goes by so fast and now you are "60" at last. May all your days ahead be one big, fun-filled blast!

With love,
Susan and Dick

Gary and Ilana Kastel

Dear Harriet,

Welcome to the "60 and Over" Club!!

Many, many more happy and healthy birthdays.

You deserve all the best because you are one of the best!!

We have many fond memories from our friendship which spans more than 30 years -- hard to believe!!

    * Hillel eExperience
    * Nippersink
    * Family Camping
    * your trips to Dallas and Camp Kastel
    * staying with you in Milwaukee and your generous supplying of our "mechanical devices"
    * flooding your house
    * your offer to have Tzuriel (Peter) stay with you
    * taking Hebrew lessons together and experiencing your confusion and seeming inability to remember or pronounce your own Hebrew name

Whoever said a rose is a rose is a rose or a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet must have been thinking of you because you're called Tzvitzie, Tzivia or Tzvia (all of which you thought you were) you are still you! A good, good friend who we wish a wonderful birthday, long life and much mazel.

We love you,
Gary and Ilana