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Bobbie and Stan Mendelson



Our friendship began over 40 years ago,
When i fixed you up with jerry, your beau,
Who would believe all these years would pass
Who would believe that our friendship would last?

Remember the yellow sweater i got from my hubby,
It certainly was sheer and made me look tubby,
And the rocking chair from klodes you made me buy,
You almost caused a divorce from my guy!

And you said i looked thin in the black dress from singers,
You made me buy it , you did some hum-dingers,
And when jerry didn't know the 'cans' from the 'can'ts',
You always put the silverware in all of your plants!

And when mike and mark were little, it's so true,
We had lots of fun together with so much to do.
A psychologist you weren't--yes a good mother, but......
You called the pediatrician to see when to get mike's hair cut!

You learned to drive, oh happy day,
You had the wheels and then we would play.
And then all those days when you were so late,
One day we all left and you missed our great date.

You've always been bright and a good listener too,
And as years have gone by, you're a more mellow you,
And through all the years, our friendship's endured,
Through fat and through thin, we still are secure?

You do have some never call,
This is the one thing we dislike most of all,
'cause we always can talk and find things to say,
So let's keep in touch day by day.

You've been a great mother, a wife and a pal,
And to tell you the truth you're a very nice gal,
It's wonderful to share many moments of life,
From bobbie and stanley...still husband and wife.

So here's to the next 60, won't we have fun,
Each day(we won't know it), we'll make new friends, one by one,
But one thing's for sure, harriet my friend,
You'll always be older than me to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!