Eulogy for Sol Dorf - by Andy Dorf

I could say that this is a sad day for myself and our entire family, but on the contrary we should see this as a day of celebration, of the life of Sol Dorf. He was blessed with 94 years of happiness and living the American Dream, to the fullest. In the next few minutes I would like to share with you some of my personal experiences with Grandpa Sol, "the Person."

Grandpa Sol was and always will be an inspiration and positive role model for us all. He was the epitome of a people person, always interested and caring. It was natural for Grandpa Sol to treat people with respect and dignity, just as he wanted to be treated. I had the privilege of seeing this first hand when I was working at "the biscuit" as we the employees called it. I recall Grandpa making his rounds in the office and warehouse to say, "hello" and "how are you today?", ultimately he achieved his real goal of getting to know his employees as real people.

We the members of his family were not surprised that he was warm and caring with his employees because he always treated the family in the same manner. In fact, the most significant aspects of Sol's life were work and family, both so important they were intertwined. And his family kept growing. He welcomed his son's wives lovingly, then there were grandchildren whose spouses were welcomed with open arms. Whether it was family dinners, the annual bowling party or holiday celebrations, being together was paramount.

The whole family looked forward to spending time together with Grandma and Grandpa in Florida. This was another lesson we learned from Grandpa - work hard - play hard. He never ceased to be interested in us or our activities. As the family grew he and more and more diverse interests and his ability to remember what we were doing never faltered. Even as his grandchildren dispersed and became involved in careers he maintained contact, and in my case was very supportive of my dream to become a sportscaster.

Even though Sol is not still with us in the physical sense, he continues to influence our lives. The values and ethics he taught us are his lasting legacy. We will try to live up to the high standards he set for us now and in the future.

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