Eulogy for Sol Dorf - by Greg Dorf

Today we are here to mourn together, but we are also here to celebrate the life of a great man. On behalf of my family, it is an honor to be related to Sol Dorf. In all aspects of his life, in business, in the community, and with his family, Sol's special gifts were his acceptance of others, his value of people and his ethical foundation of commitment and integrity.

Grandpa was a true role model. In business, he will be remembered by so many for his hard work ethic, but even more for his relationships and his value of people. Prior to starting MBC, grandpa spent 20 years as a sales manager. In that time, he never asked for a raise, but he always fought to reward and compensate his employees.

Then as a business owner, he measure success not by the bottom line, buy by the ability to hire more people each year and still break even. He modeled for us that if you love what you do and strive to do your best you will be successful.

The same values make Sol a leader in the community and his large - very large - circle of friends. His positive outlook was contagious. He made people feel special.

Ultimately, family was most important to Grandpa Sol. He and grandma had 3 children, who each had 3 children, who are making many more children. Grandpa had a special relationship and appreciation of each one of us.

Regardless of our mistakes, our differences of religious persuasions, political positions or sexual orientation, he completely accepted and embraced us all. That pure acceptance.

With Thanksgiving bowling parties, family golf outings, baseball games, and special dinners for every holiday and momentous occasion, Grandma and Grandpa kept the entire extended family together.

For the last 10 years, Grandpa voiced his pride of leading 4 generations.

Grandpa Sol was our king.

In addition to his wife, his best friend, he left 6 children, 17 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren - all health, successful and confident. For that we are truly blessed.

Grandpa's life was a storybook and a fairytale, that ended the way we always thought it would - gracefully, peacefully, and a success.

He is my mentor, hero, and his 94 years of life are a testament that God exists.

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