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At present the Dorf Family Tree represents the seed of an idea. This website takes advantage of the latest information technology and enables even the most remote relative to both discover and help chronicle the Dorf legacy.

This history is told in pictures and words. Whenever possible, we try to include some photographic reference of relatives.


Although the Family Tree site is largely self-explanatory, there are certain pages, graphics and symbols used within it that the reader should know about beforehand. If you have any questions while you browse the site, the HELP button appearing on every page will return you to this section.

About the Tree
As interesting as the Family Tree is, sifting through a large document which is equal in size to say, Idaho, can be frustrating. For this reason the complete lineage has been divided into groups of smaller trees, all of which are accessible from the ARBORETUM page. On this page each family name has a tree of it's own, with the 'keystone' relative (which bridges to another 'name tree') being the continuing thread through the document as a whole.

The method and symbols for mapping the trees appears below. Generations of each family are mapped with black lines and members of the same generation are usually presented left-to-right in order of birth, when such information was available. Each family name will appear within a transparent box. If that relative has a spouse, a double-box is used. The left (transparent) half holds the name of the family member on the present page, and the right (orange) half holds the name of the spouse, and links to other trees, when called for.

typical entry with
tree link

dashed lines indicate
second marriage

crooked lines
indicate divorce

The only exception to this format occurs in family trees whose roots do not yet extend very far. On these trees, the spouse's (maiden name) descendants are mapped on the same page in a dotted-line format.

To ease navigating the site, each page features a menu bar. Use the menu bar to move to other sections of the site quickly. However, if you wish to return to the home page, the link is only accessible from THIS page, the MAIN page.

The Photo Album
Many family photos are featured on the PHOTO ALBUM page. Since this section is constantly under construction, some families' photos may be spread out over a number of pages.

The Feedback Section
As the family expands, so will this website. The FEEDBACK section allows family members to submit photos, information and personal stories for inclusion in the tree.

When submitting text material, you may use the form found in the FEEDBACK section, or send an e-mail/attachment directly to with the contents of your message. If you are sending photos via e-mail, please follow these guidelines:

  • All photos should be in GIF or JPEG format
    and no bigger than 500 pixels in any dimension.

  • Send all materials as e-mail attachments.

  • Please identify all family members in your photographs.

  • Whenever possible, please include an approximate date on which the photo was taken.

The Bulletin Board
The BULLETIN BOARD section is currently under construction and de-activated. When complete, this section will allow family members to post messages and stories to the site. These messages can then be accessed by the entire family.